Phone Consultation

This is a phone call with beginning details of wants, needs and budget.  A detailed landscape questionnaire is the starting point for the design process.

Site Consultation

This is a meeting to walk the property determining  further details for the scope of the project.  All wants, needs, budget, site restrictions, and homeowner’s vision are discussed in detail.  This is followed up with a Design Scope document with a comprehensive description of the specifics to the job including a Design Contract with the bid and payment structure.

Site Analysis

This is the analysis of all property aspects and conditions such as sun, shade, drainage, site lines, photographs, and all site measurements. This takes many hours and can involve multiple visits at different times of day.

Concept Design

Layouts are presented with 1 or more Concept Designs.  All are reviewed, changes made as needed with Design direction and budget confirmed.

Master Plan

The final Design is a detailed drawing of all hardscape materials, plant materials, lighting possibilities and any other design needs.  The Design Plan is an installation ready document for a Landscape Contractor to follow.  It is very important there is communication between the Landscape Contractor and the Landscape Designer.  It is a collaborative effort as often there are changes during installation due to unseen circumstances.   It is best when all three parties work together…the Homeowner, Designer and Contractor.  This ensures design integrity while meeting the homeowner’s desires and budget for everyone. 

Planting Plan

This document details all plant placements. This includes a Plant List of all plant scientific name and common names, sizes, quantities and any special notes.

Installation and Planting Day

I stop in often during installation.  I am also on site during planting day to ensure proper plant placement.