Gallagher Landscape Design –
Janette Gallagher


Landscape design is a fluid and collaborative process between the homeowner and the designer.  It is brainstorming dream landscape possibilities.  It's walking and observing the surroundings many times to understand the unique characteristic.  It's laying out path beginnings and ends.  It's getting down and dirty in the soil.  It’s an exciting process transforming your home...your escape from the world into a special unique sanctuary and just for you.

Gallagher Landscape Design offers a range of services which caters to a variety of landscape needs. 

  • Design Plans – Concepts to final design plans which include hardscape and planting plans.

  • Garden Consultation – Coaching or a particular small site recommendations.

  • Plant Procurement – New landscapes, revitalization or replacement for planting areas. 

  • Palisades Planters - A partnership between Sunnyhill Blooms and Gallagher Landscape Design delivering and maintaining seasonal planters for homes and businesses.

  • Other Services – Outdoor furniture, lighting, structures, and water feature recommendations, design or procurement.